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Hello and welcome to TyPie Design, bringing you the latest in web design, development, and IT services. My name is Ty Pieschel and I was a firefighter for many of my younger years until somehow I got hooked on the world of technology. I have the heart and mind of a problem solver so the transition from firefighter to tech was mainly learning how to break things, and then fix them!

I started with computers where I have learned to fix about anything. I can swap out almost any part of a laptop all the way down to soldering in a new DC jack. I can build computers from the ground up specifically for anyone's needs from home use to office use. This eventually led me into the web where I have learned to build websites by hand; this means if you can dream it I have the ability to make it come true. I start with a pen and paper and end with hand programming. To sum things up, I love to help you with your technology needs whether it is building a beautiful website for you or your business, or help you with your computer needs in a business or personal world.

I always leave room for fun; I am outgoing, always smiling, I love to stay busy, and I love new adventures! I am a hard worker and I won't let up until the job is done, even if it means bringing in assistance. No job is too big or too small, and as always I look forward to working with new people!

Thanks for reading!
- Ty W. Pieschel

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