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Website - "SixSixOne" - Concept

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Description / Credits

SixSixOne is a company that provides protective gear for action sport enthusiasts. They provide gear specifically for snow, bike, and motocross. I used to be sponsored by this company and for a long time thought they needed a redesign. I wanted to have the sport speak for the company, so I used a large central image of each sport they provide protection for. I then used a red color throughout the image to help bring the site into what I think is a very attractive landing page.

This isn't a live site, as it was just a personal project of mine. This design is of my work and is not used by SixSixOne themselves. I took it upon myself as a personal challenge to redesign the homepage as I would like to see it; so this again is not their current site or a site they have used in the past. Both of their logos are of their creation and their copyright.

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