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Do you need a website? Website maintenance? Re-design? You name it, I can help! Every business today needs to have a website. Everyone knows how important websites are, and it hurts to have a poorly designed website or a website with improper functionality.

I can help walk you or your business through a step by step package to enter, or re-enter the web. You can contact me for a free quote and time schedule, or take a look at my portfolio of past work I have done.


Guess what else I do, and do very well! Computer repair! I have been repairing computers professionally much longer then I have been doing web design. I can repair anything including small component hardware as well as software.

You name your issue and I guarantee I have seen it before. I can replace keyboards, motherboards, screens, DC jacks, and all other hardware which can be found in your laptop or desktop.

If you want more information you can contact me on here or visit my website full of computer information, Complex Computer Repair.


I do digital and I do it well; but I can do many other things such as business identity and print. I can help you with your business identity if you are lacking in that area or I can help spruce up your current identity as well. I have done screen printing of logos and designs on t-shirts, and have worked on flyers, and other print materials. If you can dream it I can help make it happen. If it's not in my field or I am not 100% confident about my skills, I know who can help. Shoot me an email with what's on your mind and I can help point you in the right direction.

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